How to increase the security of Instagram page?

Choose a strong password = prevent Instagram hacking!
You may be one of those people who make a combination of your name, phone number, date of birth, and password, and think that someone is unlikely to guess your password. But unfortunately I have to tell you, it is better to change your password right now because your Instagram is highly vulnerable to hacking!

One of the most common ways to hack Instagram or crack Instagram is to guess the victim’s password. In this method, the hacker uses special software to test thousands of passwords combining your profile or other users’ common passwords on your account, until finally one of them is your password.

But the way to prevent such attacks is very simple. Choose a strong password! You can protect your Instagram against hackers by choosing a very strong password, which will not work even if the hacker tries various passwords on your Instagram account for years.

Example of a good password: v4% qG = j # 5QWwn + aW

But if you have trouble creating or remembering such passwords, I recommend using the link below to create a strong password and be sure to keep it somewhere so that you can access your password again if needed.

Password maker link: === >>

1. How do I personalize my Instagram page? (Private)
If you do not want anyone to see your photos and videos, you can personalize your profile.
To share your page content only with your friends and family, follow these steps:
Go to your profile page.
Tap the menu at the top of the hamburger (three parallel lines stacked horizontally) and select Settings.
In the middle of the new page you will see the Private Account option. Make sure this button is enabled. (In active mode, the button turns blue)
Enabling this option means that only those who follow you will be able to see your photos.

2. How do I block followers I do not know?
After all, there may be people among your followers who write irrelevant content under your posts that you do not like. In this case, you will have to block them so that they can not see your photos and content.

Follow these steps to block one of these people:
Open the list of followers on the profile page.
Select the user you want to block and go to their profile.
Click on the menu at the top of the page. ( three points)
In the new window, select Block.

3. How do I keep my personal information secret?
Do not reveal too much information about yourself in your profile, especially in the EDIT PROFILE section.
Do not write any personal information in the biography field that can be used against you.
For more privacy, you can disable the status of your last visit to Instagram.

Follow the steps below so that no one can see when your last visit was:
Go to your profile page.
Tap the menu at the top of the hamburger (three parallel lines stacked horizontally) and select Settings.
In the Privacy and security section, you can select Activity status.
On the next screen, the Show activity status slider must be off.
So far, you have greatly improved the security of your Instagram page. Follow the article on increasing the security of your Instagram page and keep visiting this page to learn newer ways to keep your page safe visually.

4. How do I disable Instagram location?
Another important step to increase page security is to turn off your location service on Instagram. This helps you prevent anyone from copying your identity and hiding important issues from thieves.

There are many examples of thieves abusing this issue: when you have always published your location with your photo when posting, such as when you are at work or traveling and your current location You have been accompanied by a photo, thieves can easily monitor you and evacuate your home. So, the first step to not falling victim is to go to mobile settings and turn off the location service for Instagram. If it’s too late to do so and many of your previous photos come with
Location is the following steps:
Find photos that look like this on Instagram.
Select the menu option next to the photo. (Three dots at the top right) and select Edit in the window that opens.
Empty the location area and check the blue box.

5. How can I prevent tagging in Instagram posts?
Let’s say in a situation, one of your friends posts an embarrassing photo he took with you and tagged you. A photo that your friends or family should not see.

This is because you have to manually allow someone to tag you in your photos on all social networks.

To do this, follow these steps:
Go to your profile page.
Tap the menu at the top of the hamburger (three parallel lines stacked horizontally) and select Settings.
Come to the middle of the new page and select Photos and videos of you in the Privacy and security section.
Turn off the Add Automatically slider.
Tip: There are photos that are embarrassing but you would love to have them. Hide photo to hide them from your followers

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