How to increase the security of our site?

In order to know how to increase the security of our site, we will first get acquainted with some of the reasons that hackers attack our site. Hackers pursue specific goals in attacking sites. Many hackers turn sites into nests for their malicious files.

Not to target your site, but by attacking the server and hacking it, it takes up the empty space of the server; now it can keep all its malicious files in your server. Of course, this space is also used to send spam. It can be useful. So we recommend you to use a safe and secure host. The host has already passed the test of being hard to penetrate (we do not say anti-intrusion because there is no complete and 100% guaranteed security). Since hosting providers have full access to the content of your site, it is preferable to get your hosting from reputable companies.

How to increase the security of our site?

Of course, installing a security plugin is one of your first steps in creating server security, which we suggest to you: if you use Linux servers, an anti-shell license, and if you use Windows servers, f-secure as a Install a security platform on your server.

But another goal that encourages hackers to try to hack your site is to seize their own links (or malicious links) on your site by taking control and having full access to your site. The only way that hackers can steal this feature from you is to hit the main template of your site (WordPress). That is, from the bugs that they find in your WordPress (bugs that we will explain the cause and ways to solve them) enter the settings of your site.

So the security of your WordPress is also very important. If we want to point out a few simple ways to increase the security of your WordPress site, we can say: Choose a password that preferably does not contain any words from your username, always keep the WordPress version up to date (of course, having older versions WordPress can be a good way for hackers to enter through the bugs of the old version), be careful to update WordPress templates and plugins every week, limit the number of times you enter the login page incorrectly, use security plugins (Plugins like ithems security, wordfence, ..).

Well, now we can deal with some general and effective methods that increase the security of your site.

Create a strong password:
How to increase the security of our site?
Choosing a username and password is one of the first and most important points that will be of special importance in the security of your site. Not paying attention and underestimating to have a strong password can be a big threat to your site. Today, the availability of huge databases of common passwords has made it easier for hackers. Therefore, in choosing your password, usually try not to use common passwords such as (ASDF1234 or @ 1234 qwer or any other common password).

Note the complexity of the password; No one should be able to access your password by knowing your mobile number or date of birth. In general, be a little creative in creating your password.

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Do not use one character in your password more than once. Try to make things harder for hackers with a unique and special password.

Usually the selected passwords are between 8 and 12 digits. You try to assign more than 12 digits to your password. So choose your password for a long time.

Keep updating:
Update episodes
As mentioned above, you should always keep plugins and cms versions up to date.

Since many hacks today are done by hacker bots, even monthly updates can be dangerous for you. Suppose an update version of a plugin has been released and you have not updated that plugin. These robots will quickly recognize your negligence as a good way to infiltrate and enter from it. So check the list of extensions of your site plugins every day.

Change the default cms settings:
Change CMS settings
Most attacks are usually on sites that use the default WordPress settings. This section is often given special importance in programming on hacked robots. So be sure to change the default settings when installing cms. Of course, you can also change them after installation.

Use secure protocol https:
Using the HTTPS protocol
Using this protocol gives you the ability to prevent any activities and information that users share on your site from being seen by hackers. Using this secure protocol also assures the users of your site that even if they enter personal information (such as bank card number or second password, etc.), their information will not be seen.

Restrict access to files:
Restrict access
On your website you can give any user permission to access the file. Reading, writing, and executing are three features that a user can do by having permission on the files on the site. So be sure to give access to users and limit their activity on the site. Also, if you have an important file on the site, try not to allow it to be accessed in any way.

Of course, these are the general methods that are most used in site security. But if you want to secure your site more seriously, you need to pay more attention to the security of your WordPress.


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