Ways to increase phone security

If you have recently bought an Android phone whose brand does not matter at all, your friends or family may have encouraged you to buy Apple phones before buying the phone because they have high security and hackers can not harm the security of your phone. To do. But this does not mean that iPhones are secure and Android phones have no security.

But it should be noted that older versions of Android were vulnerable to hacker attacks, but in today’s versions, such a thing has decreased, and in contrast to iOS 11, it was hacked in just one day! Clearly, not everything is simple because it is not the company that makes the phone that matters, and it is our responsibility to prevent the phone from being hacked, not the phone’s operating system! But another problem is that we store everything we have and do not have in our phones. An interesting thing about Android phones is that the Android operating system is open source! However, there are a number of tips in all smartphones that you can use to increase the security of the phone. Therefore, in the continuation of this report from Namnak, we want to acquaint you with a series of important points about increasing the security of the phone, which can be of great help to you. be with us.

1- Do not save all your passwords.
Many smartphone users tend to store all their passwords on the phone, which can now be in the browser, notes, and elsewhere because they do not enter the password each time they log in. Therefore, if you are one of these users, our advice to you is not to save passwords in any way, and if you forget your chosen passwords, create 2 different password models and from both Use for your various accounts.

2- Get help from phone security
As you know, smartphones have a section called Security, in which you can use different methods of locking your smartphone. Therefore, if your phone is a new generation, it must have Face ID, PIN, Pattern, password and fingerprint, which you can use to encrypt the phone using any of them, and the advice in this regard. We have for you to use hard passwords and mental encryption that you do not forget.

3- Locking phone applications
Another way to increase the security of the phone is to lock the applications installed on the phone. but how?! There are apps called App locker in the Google Play Store that you can use to easily lock apps on your phone. For example, gallery, contacts, Gmail account, virtual networks, etc. Any program you can imagine. However, if you feel that there are a lot of profiteers around you, it is really necessary to use these programs, and after stealing the phone or any way the phone falls into their hands, they can do this. Uninstall programs! So the most logical way for you is not to leave any information about yourself in the phone!

4- Check the given accesses
Before we get into that, our advice to you is to download just about every app you want through the Google Play Store and do not download from any site in any way, because no There is no credit to them and in the meantime only Google Play Store can help you in this regard and not endanger your information.

However, when installing different programs, you will first be shown a list of different permissions that you can enable permissions if you trust the program. But now if you did not pay attention to it while installing the apps, we recommend that you enter the phone settings right now and select the Apps option, where all the phone apps are located.

Now identify the necessary and unnecessary permissions in the permissions section and then disable the unnecessary items.

5- Back up your phone data.
If your phone is full of important information that you have never backed up, back up your phone right now, as there is a 1% chance that your phone will be lost or stolen by thieves. You will never have access to this information again and you will have to say goodbye to this information forever.

Even if it is not stolen, hackers can use their own ways to access your phone information and delete all of them from the phone forever. Therefore, there are various ways to back up your phone that you can use to back up your phone.

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